About Ivos Linn

My name is Lina, five years ago I came to Dublin from a beautiful and mystical Samogitian region in Lithuania. To make this story short - Samogitia was the last region in Baltic states to be baptized and that may be the reason why to this day this region has preserved a strong bond between humans and nature. I am an energetic, crafty woman, who does not trust in any unnatural corporate products. Time and practise made me believe that the products I make myself are the best for me and my family. That is why I have spent a lot of my time learning how to make essential daily-use household appliances such as homemade shampoo, soap, candles, home scents and so on. I never imagined that my homemade products would interest someone besides myself, but as the time passed, more and more people started taking notice of my natural homemade products. And that’s why today I am here, with my product line. If You are a person, who adores natural, handmade products as much as I do,- please don’t hesitate and try them out. Let the Bliss of Samogitia into Your home.